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A strong nation carries everyone’s dreams

quick facts

A four-fold path

Our vision is a world where all children and youth, especially the underprivileged, are empowered socially and culturally so they can participate in the economy and contribute to global peace. 

We bring our vision to life through:

Schooling at Sukrupa
Life Skills Training at Sukrupa
Mentoring at Sukrupa
Livelihoods at Sukrupa
Beliefs & values

Guiding beliefs

Inclusion: No child or student or woman is insignificant. We believe everyone has the potential to do great things, if given a chance.

Dreams and aspirations: We believe in the power of dreams to shape, even transcend, our reality. Every success story at Sukrupa begins with a dream.

Compassion: We believe everyone has a story that is different from what we imagine. Take time to listen and understand.


Perseverance: We always tell our students that success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!

Global collaboration: In today’s increasingly inter-connected world, we are continually forming alliances with like-minded partners to further our vision.

Confidence: We believe the key to confidence is self-knowledge. We enable children to learn themselves better so they can take pride in who they are and what they can do.

Core values

core values

Be honest   |   Be humble and respectful   |   Work hard and excel   |   Have gratitude and give back

Sukrupa testimonials

Sukrupa is like a family to me. I feel the organization’s leadership, empathy and team spirit inspire everyone to always do their best.

Ayesha Begum; teacher

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