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No dream gets left behind with a band of believers!

Sukrupa: be an intern
Sukrupa: be a volunteer
Intern with us!

Sukrupa is always looking for students/graduates interested in giving back to the community by being a part of a registered NGO. The scope of work will include marketing, fund raising, events, content designing, and operations. We are looking for dedicated, passionate individuals who like to get things done. Come join us and help make a difference.


Send in your CV at or call us 080 – 65714616.

Calling Volunteers to make dreams come true

To realize our mission of serving countless underprivileged children, we need a bunch of talented, self-motivated individuals who can contribute time and skills to uplift the marginalized.


Know of another way in which you can create impact? We’re always open to new ideas. And your time means so much to our children!

Sukrupa testimonials

“I was part of the summer camp program. The faculty at my college motivated me to do an internship at Sukrupa. I am glad I did because Sukrupa helped me take initiative and grow will-power. I was able to improve my skills and got to interact with such delightful children. My experience was truly amazing. The children were filled with great spirit and enthusiasm. Each student was creative and their ideas and thoughts were so unique. It was more than an internship. I made many memories to take back.” 

Mahendra; MSW student from Patrician College of Arts and Science, Adyar, Chennai

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