What is SuVidya?

SuVidya, our educational intervention offers a well rounded affordable education for every child. SUKRUPA Education Centre and Chitkala are two educational programs of SuVidya.

SUKRUPA Education Centre provides quality English medium education to 500 children from pre-school to 10th grade.

Chitkala: We are in the process of separating preschool from SUKRUPA Education Centre and set it up as Chitkala that includes play school, nursery, LKG and UKG.


How is SuVidya implemented?

Optimal education

We believe in optimally educating our children. Factors we look into are: 1) understanding a child's academic potential, 2) imparting social skills, 3) character building, 4) broadening their horizons.

Ideal learning space


We create an ideal learning space that takes care of their learning needs and also grooms their personalities.

Responsive learning


We are working towards implementing a learning stream that’s based on children’s unique talents, and also enables them to appreciate the importance of happiness.

Multi-dimensional, goal-oriented learning


Subjects are taught with activities that allow children to understand their skills better. They are then encouraged to set goals and work towards them with discipline. Then they are primed to find their purpose and give back to their communities.

Photos of SuVidya students and programs