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"Sukrupa's constant effort has been to educate the children especially the girl students on basic health and hygiene, the importance to imbibe ‘Good Habits’ in order to keep ailments at bay. In the regards, we also initiated on sensitizing our young girls and their mothers on its importance on the eve of National Girl Child Day 24th Jan 2013 – an initiative towards understanding the basic nuances of hygiene." (Snippet)

"We wanted to ensure that our children receive an impetus on interactive learning adopting topics from their school curriculum. As such, the children along-with the volunteers made working models of volcanoes, kaleidoscopes and windmills. Understanding the concept through ‘Do It yourself’ gave them the chance to retain knowledge in a fun way. The children were seen enjoying making molds for the volcanoes, aligning the mirrors for kaleidoscope and planning out the mechanism to run each of their windmills – it was really a fun day with science!" (Snippet)

"100% of all Sukrupa Standard 10 students passed their SSLC board exams with flying colors. 70% of the students scored first class marks. This is a testament to the incredible hard work of their teacher, and the time they put into preparing for the exams." (Snippet)

"A week long residential program focused on building self esteem, leadership skills, and team building, activities were out of the ordinary. The children were given time to reflect, share and act upon. At the end of the daily sessions every evening, the children watched a movie that was recreational and also that emphasized on the core objectives of the program." (Snippet)

"A special induction Program for twenty five teachers of Sukrupa Education Centre was conducted with a help of a freelance service providers. The program focused on helping the teachers enjoy their profession, spreading costiveness among children, being an inspiration and making a difference. The teachers were trained to achieve better excellence in education. The session dealt with a discussion on how we could better in providing the students with an integrated learning in academics, sports, extracurricular activities and much more." (Snippet)