What is SuKallp?

SuKallp is Sukrupa’s After School Life Skills and Leadership Program.


How is SuKallp implemented?

Structured approach that draws from multiple disciplines

Subject matter experts, volunteers and interns in creative fields are recruited to teach children different skills to feed their curious minds. Students from Classes 6 to 9 are divided into four different levels. Different programs target each level. All children are exposed to as many fields as possible, so they can find their talents and be trained accordingly.

Special programs for motivated students

Depending on funds, a special, five-day program called the “Turning Point Initiative” is conducted for highly motivated students, in collaboration with children from mainstream schools in India and abroad. It allows teenagers from different countries to collaborate and learn from each other. They are encouraged to utilize the platform to discuss challenges and co-create solutions. The program features two years of virtual interactions between the students before they come together for the program in the third year. We have conducted this program for 80 children at Sukrupa. The international initiative is in the planning stage and will be implemented soon.


Photos of SuKallp students and programs