What is SuMargadarshak?

SuMargadarshak is the scholarship and mentoring program to support the transition from college to university. An extension of SuKalp, its focus is on the formative teen years and fosters a safe, supportive environment where teens can know and express themselves, and be guided towards better shores.


How is SuMargadarshak implemented?


  • A list of eligible students is prepared for mentoring support

  • Selected students comply with the regulations of SuMargadarshak

  • Induction and inauguration of the program in the beginning of the academic year

Core Activities

  • Monthly mentoring and capacity building programs to help students cope with the college education and environment  

  • Life skills training to increase self-awareness, deal with others, and cope with ups and downs



  • Weekly personal coaching classes by mentors to enhance academic knowledge

  • Mandatory community service through various activities

  • Internship opportunities for students keen on activities like filmmaking, farming, writing, etc.

Post College Support

  • Sharpen job-readiness

  • Guidance to get a job and support family members

  • Facilitation of a gap year for willing students; involves being part of an international cultural exchange program


Photos of SuMargadarshak students and programs