What is SuJanavikas?

The entrepreneurship program enables women to train in a skill that could evolve as a micro enterprise. With this foundation, they are empowered to improve their capabilities, run a thriving business, support their families and contribute to the economy.


How is SuJanavikas implemented?


  • Identify areas for intervention; design programs and activities for them

  • Establish the need of the community; assess the time availability of the women

  • Select beneficiaries, conduct orientation, capacity building and empowerment around socio-economic development

Core Activities

  • Formation and strengthening of self-help groups 

  • Awareness creation and training on various vocational skills development, entrepreneurship, business promotion and its sustainability

  • Setting up small/micro enterprises for women and youth



  • Registration of micro enterprises and enabling them to be independent

  • Strengthening / scaling up of business 

  • Tie up with private and govt., institutions for the marketing of products

  • Evaluation and reporting



Photos of SuJanavikas training programs