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Empower women to realise their dreams

What is SuJanavikas?

The entrepreneurship program enables women to train in a skill that could evolve as a micro enterprise. With this foundation, they are empowered to improve their capabilities, run a thriving business, support their families and contribute to the economy.

Abour SuJanavikas

Who is it for?

What's our goal?

The program is targeted at women from villages. It helps people who comes to cities from villages, and don’t have many choices for self-advancement.

Our goal is to give these women knowledge and confidence so they can become socio-economically independent.

Understanding the program

What's the curriculum like?

They are trained in making quality products and then enabled to start a micro enterprise. Currently, we train them in solid waste management, composting, vertical gardening, landscaping, maintaining nurseries, and tailoring. We train them to make quality products that have a market. We tutor them in business fundamentals, basic accounting, pricing, people management and business ethics – in short, everything they need to get their unit up and running, and turn in a profit at the end of third financial year. They are supported closely for four years. In the fifth year they must run the unit by themselves.

How is SuJanavikas implemented?


  • Identify areas for intervention; design programs and activities for them

  • Establish the need of the community; assess the time availability of the women

  • Select beneficiaries, conduct orientation, capacity building and empowerment around socio-economic development

Core Activities

  • Formation and strengthening of self-help groups 

  • Awareness creation and training on various vocational skills development, entrepreneurship, business promotion and its sustainability

  • Setting up small/micro enterprises for women and youth



  • Registration of micro enterprises and enabling them to be independent

  • Strengthening / scaling up of business 

  • Tie up with private and govt., institutions for the marketing of products

  • Evaluation and reporting


Photos of SuJanavikas training programs

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