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Our teachers

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar teaches Hindi. He feels learning to speak Hindi can unite different communities. He is happiest when his students manage to speak perfectly in Hindi after his teachings. Sukrupa, in his opinion, is a place that guides and motivates everyone to be their best. In his spare time he likes reading spiritual books and discussing the contents with friends.

Amudha R.

Amudha teaches computer science. She believes that in an increasingly connected world, children should learn the language of computers so they can interact more effectively with others. She enjoys imparting moral values through teaching. She also tries to inject humour into her sessions. She believes Sukrupa serves the humanities in a unique way, by enabling all kinds of children in society to learn and grow.

Asha Manjunath

Asha teaches art and phonics to pre-school students. She felt most free as a child in art school and she wants to empower students with that same feeling now. She learnt phonics due to her son and today she has the opportunity to teach it to others as well. She feels art unleashes creativity and relieves stress. She also likes sketching and spending time with her son and family. She feels Sukrupa has immensely supported her in exploring her creativity and deepening her capabilities as a teacher.

Ayesha Begum

Ayesha teaches social science and English. She is passionate about these subjects and that in turn drives her to help her students attain mastery too. Teaching is a dream she has nurtured since childhood. She cites one of her school teachers as the key influencer in her decision to pursue teaching. Sukrupa is like a family to her. Despite the ups and downs, she feels the organization’s leadership, empathy and team spirit inspire everyone to always do their best. In her spare time she likes to paint, do embroidery, and read.

B. Vinitha Raj

Vinitha teaches English, Moral Science and General Knowledge. She believes English, apart from being a powerful enabler for communication, also enables children to creatively express themselves and succeed in the world. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with friends and go on trips. She is passionate about working for a cause and being with Sukrupa fulfils that need for her too.


Faheemunnisa teaches Chemistry and Biology. She enjoys teaching science as she feels it explains the world around us and fosters critical thinking. She tries to make science fun to learn through experiments and videos. Her passions include reading and playing with her granddaughter. What she likes most about Sukrupa is the healthy environment, mentally and emotionally, and the fact that she gets to contribute to society.

Hanuma Naik

Hanuma teaches physical education. He is keen on using this field to help students build character and other life skills like leadership, team work, and decision-making. He enjoys helping students raise their game and interact with state and national level champions for inspiration. In his spare time he likes to watch sports channels and go for a walk in the park. Sukrupa, he believes, offers a very supportive and conducive environment for learners and teachers.

Hemalatha K.V.

Hemalatha teaches pre-school children. She is of the opinion that knowledge, both theoretical and practical, can enable one to make better decisions. This guides her teaching approach with her students. She is passionate about reading and writing and wishes to pass on these interests to her students as well. In her spare time she likes to read and cook.

K. Mrunalini

Mrunalini teaches mathematics. She believes maths is an integral part of our lives and students must be exposed to the subject’s significance. She enjoys enabling students to find solutions by themselves as they learn to truly appreciate the magic of math. She loves listening to music, reading detective stories, watching old movie classics, and cooking. She enjoys working at Sukrupa because of their vision and the tremendous motivation they offer teachers and students.

Lakshmi S.

Lakshmi teaches pre-school children. She is passionate about guiding kids through their vital first step into the world of knowledge and learning. What keeps her going is the idea that her contribution will enable students to make a good future for themselves. What she likes most about Sukrupa is the culture that not only supports the dreams of students but the aspirations of teachers as well. In her spare time she enjoys trying out new recipes, watching movies, and playing with her children.

Leela M.

Leela is our pre-school teacher. She is passionate about creating more awareness in her children through exposing them to history and culture. 

She says the most heartening thing about teaching is being able to learn along with them. She feels Sukrupa is like a family. It has made her more creative and offered her the chance to enlighten the lives of less fortunate people.

Manjula M.

Manjula teaches Kannada. She is passionate about teaching because she feels it’s a great way to stimulate and direct young minds.

N. Rajeshwari

Rajeshwari teaches Social Science and English. She believes the former helps us understand the past which in turn helps improve the future. And English helps people acquire knowledge and communicate better. What she enjoys most about teaching is the opportunity to mould tomorrow’s citizens. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her kids, doing short-term courses and trying new recipes. She enjoys working at Sukrupa because “the management guides teachers personally and the students are smart and respectful.”

Pallavi A.

Pallavi teaches pre-school children. In teaching them the basics of knowledge she feels she has an important responsibility in introducing them to the world, to people, and to ideas. She enjoys the feeling of a lesson well taught and learnt and is passionate about helping children achieve their best. She also enjoys listening to music, spending time with her sons, keeping her home looking fashionable, and reading.

Ramjaneya N.

Ramanjaneya teaches Kannada. He was inspired by his school teacher to take up the profession and make a change in young people’s lives. He likes the fact that not only does he get to open children’s minds with new concepts but he also gets to learn new things himself every week. He likes spending time with his kids, teaching them new things, and taking them for nature walks.


Rashmi teaches Hindi. She feels Sukrupa has taught her many new things, from technical skills like Excel and PowerPoint, to social skills like speaking English. In her free time she is learning Kannada as well. She loves languages and is eager to learn them and impart them to others.

S. Sridevi Chinthamani

Sridevi teaches Mathematics and Physics. Inspired by her school math teacher, she decided to pursue the subject as well. She feels maths plays a crucial role in everyone’s daily life. She is happy when students can apply concepts to problems successfully. By supporting students from  marginalized sections of society, she feels she is playing a small part in bringing them up well and this gives her pride and happiness. In her spare time she likes to read, listen to music, tailor and cook.


Savitha teaches Kannada and Hindi. She is happy to be able to teach both as Kannada is her mother tongue and Hindi is the language spoken across the country. She likes Sukrupa because it is a supportive, equal-opportunity environment. In her spare time she enjoys travelling with her children.

Suguna U.

Suguna teaches English, Maths and EVS. Inspired by her 10th standard teacher, she went on to teach English which she believes is key to communication in the modern world, and a vehicle for her to mould students for the future. She also likes cooking, watching TV, and is pursuing her MA.

Sumathi P.

Sumathi teaches English. She was inspired to become a teacher by her mother. She loves creating an emotional connection with her students by imparting knowledge and answering their questions. She believes teachers have a big responsibility in shaping young minds for society. In her spare time she likes listening to music, cooking, and playing with her kids.

Thresyamma Roji

Thresyamma teaches mathematics and physics. She believes mathematics has great potential in today’s world where technology influences so many facets of our lives. She likes to challenge her students to answer difficult questions and gets satisfaction from knowing they are stretching their limits and learning new things. With Sukrupa, she believes she has received a rare opportunity to serve humanity in a safe, energizing and healthy environment.