Marathon - DEC 8 2013
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Supporting Sukrupa

Donating now is the best way to help us out. Your donations of all sizes keep us going. An 18,000 Rs (about $396 USD) donation supports a child at SUKRUPA for one year. If you want to inquire about sponsorship, please contact us.

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What We Do

Our mission is to help deprived children and young adults escape a background of poverty, slum life, illiteracy, and ignorance thereby creating opportunities for their integration into mainstream society.

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Who We Are

SUKRUPA is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization that addresses the socio-economic development of the disadvantaged in urban and rural Bangalore, India.

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Spanking New Team!

We now have a complete new team, with full of energy, vision and mission to further the goal of SUKRUPA.

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Our website is currently under contruction. Keep checking for new posts, pictures and interesting news!